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Remove paywalls hiding the outcomes of publicly funded research

During FY 2014-15 the extramural R&D support expenditure reported by DST's annual report[1] is about INR 20 billion (i.e. 2000 crore). The allocation[2] to DST for funding R&D in 2015-16 was at about INR 95 billion. This is all taxpayer's money. It is not necessarily a bad thing to spend on such R&D as long as the outcomes are useful and accessible to public whose tax rupees are used to fund such "research". One of the key outcomes (at least from the perspective of researchers and the organisations engaged in such "research") is the research articles that are published in various peer-reviewed journals and conferences etc. Examples  of such venues are Elsevier , Springer , IEEE , ACM and so on. If you try accessing a non-open-access article at any of such venues you will find that on an average onetime accessing of a single article can cost anywhere between 15 to 30 USD. Cost of annual subscriptions alone of these journals and digital lib