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Common agency for creating infrastructure of new IITs

In this post I'm putting forth a case for setting up a common agency for the sole purpose of setting up the infrastructure of new IITs (or similar institutions). Let me start by noting some key observations about the overall scenario that exists across the younger IITs: Considering the "core business" -- which is teaching and research -- of these institutes, all of them need more or less the same type of facilities. More than 80% (at least by built-up area) of the infrastructure comprises of: teaching labs, lecture halls, students' accommodation, teaching and non-teaching staff's accommodation, offices of teaching and non-teaching staff, recreational facilities. The only area where the infrastructure of any two IIT's may differ is: certain type of research facilities. This means that from functionality perspective the infrastructure requirements of all IITs is largely the same. Each one of IITs that were setup in 2008-2009 embarked on their individual i