TexMaker quirks on Linux

I'm noting here for myself a solution to an error which I have faced repeatedly when setting up a new machine for my work. These error messages occur when compiling the .tex files in a fresh installation of TexMaker. The error messages often go like:

Error : could not start the command : latex --output-directory=build -interaction=nonstopmode ...

or it could also be something like:

Error : Log file not found!

These errors arise despite a properly working texlive installation being available on my machine. What I have found is that for some strange reason TexMaker, when launched from a shortcut, is not able to see the latex binaries.

Solution that has worked is: Launch the TexMaker from a terminal once and build a .tex file. It should work fine if latex binaries are in path. In all subsequent launches of TexMaker, regardless of whether from a shortcut or otherwise, it should be able to find the latex binaries.


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