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Notes about slippages in institute infrastructure building project

Analysis of past projects data by various leading research organisations reveal that in general less than 35% projects are able to meet their stated goals [1 - 5]. For instance, data from Standish CHAOS reports (see table below) indicated that less than 30% projects are delivered with required features, on time and on budget. Apparently, failures and underperformance is quite common in large projects.  (Image source: InfoQ -- Standish Chaos Report 2015 ) The project for developing a new campus of my university was no different -- it also faced significant challenges. Extremely slow progress of this project, among other repercussions, lead MHRD to bring a change in leadership at the university last year. After the leadership change several necessary steps were taken by us so as to bring the project on track and streamline how things were managed in the project. Let me also mention that the new leadership inherited (in May 2015) a very very difficult scenario to hand