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About corrupted partition table and data recovery

Recently I ended up corrupting the partition table of one of the external USB disks that I have. This happened when I was creating a backup image of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device running Windows 10. I was trying to make the Surface device dual-boot with Ubuntu. My external USB disk (WD Passport 2.5'', USB 3.0, 500GB) which I was using for putting the backup image on had three partitions: one encrypted ext4, two regular NTFS partitions. When creating the backup image of surface from within Windows 10, I selected one of the NTFS volumes of my external USB disk as destination. The backup image was created. However, my other partitions of the USB disk vanished - only the newly created backup partition would show up and rest of the disk would show as "unallocated space". It was obvious that the backup image creation tool in Windows 10 had messed up the partition table of my USB disk. I had not expected this to happen. Needless to say, I was nervous about losing all th