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Role of space management policies in campus planning

Suppose you are to plan for the building infrastructure of a university. It is likely that you may be given something like the following as broad inputs to start the planning: We are going to have so and so five engineering departments each running UG and PG programs with total students population of 5000.  Main "business" of the university will be to impart teaching instructions and conduct research/consultancy projects. As such, facilities needs to be created to accommodate these needs.  University is a residential one, i.e., students and staff live on campus. As part of this exercise you are expected to determine what buildings should be created and of what dimensions and specs. You will be required to work out the detailed specs/requirements which will go as inputs to the architecture consultants working for you. The architects will then produce some master plan and further fine grained blueprints of the buildings to be constructed. In this entire exercis