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Cost of ownership for a car

When deciding about buying a car I was comparing cost of ownership for my options. I travel about 50km to and fro every day for work. Data marketed by car makers is designed to improve their sales only. For instance they often give fuel efficiency in km per litre as a major feature. Customers tend to get the impression that a car with higher fuel efficiency will save them money. However, this may or may not be the case. Instead, one should consider the cost per km of running the car. This means that you need to consider more factors than just the price of fuel and fuel efficiency of your car, in addition to the total distance that you would be running the car in a year (or every day). Typically, for an objective comparison you should consider following major components: Price of fuel per unit, F Fuel efficiency of car (distance run per unit of fuel), E Cost of maintenance (e.g. replacing tyres, and engine oil etc.), M Cost of insurance, I Yearly distance run by the car, D Tota

Creating or assembling

"Can one create or even imagine something which is not made from previously seen or known parts"  is a question which intrigues me. In other words, do we always assemble  things and thoughts from some previously seen/known elements or do we also create new? Especially for inanimate things do we really create  new or we just assemble  from existing. Even in dreams, is it possible to experience something which is not a composition from already familiar places and faces from our awakened state? Talking about matter, scientists believe that everything is made from some fundamental particle(s). Across the domains, examples of a whole that is made up from basic building blocks are many. If we are just  assembling  then can it be so that inventing new things in a domain would be just a matter of writing a program to try out all sensible combinations of the basic building blocks. In fact, a sizable population of scientists seem to be engaged just in such a hit and trial in