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What if it takes an unexpected turn?

Effortful thinking is difficult, and most of us avoid imagining situations which force our mind to engage in a deeper analysis of difficult situations. Usually we are certain about the progression of our lives: that my health will ever remain perfect, I will continue to have the job that we have, our investments will remain safe and grow, our families and loved ones will be safe and healthy, no natural disaster will hit the area where I live ... and so on. This is a kind of optimism. It is believed that optimism is a good thing and optimists are more likely to be healthy and successful in their lives. However, blind optimism is bad. It is instructive to periodically take stock of one's life and preparedness for the unexpected. How often does our mind considers the possibilities of known or unknown factors disrupting the normal plan? Except when facing very critical situations, mind wouldn't engage in a deep enough what-if analysis about the possibilities beforehand. Lets