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Building a new IIT: Some ground realities

Setting up a new IIT which can actually live up to the expectations from an IIT is a complex and challenging project.  Most new IITs still do not have a properly functioning campus of their own. Finding faculty fit to be at an IIT remains a tough task, and so is finding suitable administrative staff -- from the director to a clerk -- who understands and can live up to ethos of an IIT. The label of being an IIT helps but only so much -- the challenges faced by new IITs soon come out in the open. Not so long ago MHRD had denied second terms to the founding directors of three of the newly setup IITs whose incumbent directors were found to be unfit for the job or were embroiled in one or the other issues. I'm sure it is easy for anyone to guess the severity of those cases that lead to news headlines and discussions on social media. Seen from within, there are three major areas where most new IITs struggle: Campus infrastructure Faculty Administrative staff acquainted w