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Some useful details about work space creation

Determining the right size and number of various work spaces such as lecture halls, faculty offices, labs etc. is a critical activity when planning for infrastructure creation of an institute. I had an opportunity to help in this activity at my university recently. When doing my homework on this task I found the following points to be useful which I'm noting here for other's reference: When determining the number of classrooms of different capacities, it will be useful if you have some data about class enrollments. That is, whether you are likely to have many classes with 30-40 students enrolled or you are likely to have most of the classes between 60-80 students enrolled for the course? For better utilization of space it is advisable to co-locate the same size rooms. You should plan for having movable furnishings (chairs etc.) in classrooms instead of fixed. This will allow you to "reconfigure" the room for different usage and capacity tuning. For example, F